New York City
August 2nd - 5th


N E W  Y O R K  C I T Y

Skating through NYC is such a rush...going along with the yellow cabs, down the avenues and under the bright city lights of Times Square. It's a quick way to get a taste of many of the things our fine city has to offer. Wonderful architecture, bridges, beaches, parks, and all of the international neighborhoods. Greenich Village, Little Italy, Chinatown, SOHO, Tribeca, just to name a few.

After skating, check out the busiest nightlife in the world and paint the town red. To get beyond the velvet rope, be sure to dress to impress. If you don't want to party, visit some of the many world famous museums & art galleries. Or if you have money to burn, go shopping at the exclusive stores on 5th Avenue. Just don't forget to bring your credit card!

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