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BAR 2017

Friday Afternoon "Skating on Water" - by Mike T
Friday Night "City Lights & Sites!" - by Mike T
Saturday "Back to School" - by Mike T
Saturday Afternoon Slalom - by Mike T
Sunday Morning - by Mike T

Friday Registration - by Mike G
Saturday, Part 1 - by Mike G
Sunday Morning - by Mike G

BAR Videos 2017

Thursday Night - by Blade in NY
Friday Night (Breakaway) - by Bansky Warhol
Saturday - by Bansky Warhol

BAR Route Maps 2017

Thursday Relive - by Rick T
Friday Night Relive - by Rick T
Saturday, Part 1, Relive - by Bill H
Saturday, Part 2, Relive - by Bill H
Saturday, Part 3, Relive - by Bill H
Sunday Morning Relive - by Rick T

BAR 2016

Mike Tillman
Maureen Cohen Harrington
Farid Zidan

Thursday Night - Michael Grebinsky
Friday Afternoon - Michael Grebinsky
Friday Night - Michael Grebinsky
Saturday Morning - Michael Grebinsky
Sunday Morning - Michael Grebinsky

BAR Videos 2016

Farid Zidan
Michael Grebinsky
Neil Ayer
Jim Marx
Todd French

BAR Route Maps 2016

Neil Ayer
Thursday Night - Bill Harley
Friday Night - Bill Harley

BAR 2015

WoofSnap's Beautiful BAR Photos

Mike Tillman
Rich Kaufman

Fiday Night - Melody Pinsukanjana
Friday Night - Leo Lozada

Saturday Morning Brooklyn - Melody Pinsukanjana
Saturday Morning Governor's Island - Leo Lozada

Sunday Morning - Melody Pinsukanjana
Sunday Afternoon - Leo Lozada

BAR Videos 2015

Craig Sachs

Friday Night - DJ Rolls !!

Friday Night 1 - Farid Zidan
Friday Night 2 - Farid Zidan

Saturday Morning - Farid Zidan
Saturday Night Pub Crawl - Andrew Camarda
Saturday Night Pub Crawl (Louder) - Andrew Camarda

Sunday Morning - Farid Zidan

One World Trade Center Observatory Elevator - Sapna Jolly

BAR 2014

(Not a bad turnout for a rainy weekend!)

Friday, Sat & Sunday - Mike Tillman

Friday Night - Leo Lozada
Saturday Morning - Leo
Sunday - Leo

Friday Night - Jonathan Deason
Saturday Morning - Jonathan
Sunday - Jonathan

Friday Night - Melody Pinsukanjana
Friday Night Breakaway - Melody
Saturday - Melody
Sunday - Melody

BAR Videos 2014

The Weekend - Tjeerd de Vries
Tjeerd & his son Timothy came from the Netherlands to join us!!

BAR 2013

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Maki Asahina
Friday - Mike Grebinsky
Friday - Leo Lozada

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Mike T
Maps Fri, Sat, Sun - Mike T
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Emilie
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Joel

Friday - Jon
Satruday AM - Jon
Saturday PM - Jon
Sunday - Jon

BAR Videos 2013

Video - Friday Skate - Maki Asahina
Video - Friday Night - Jonathan Deason
Video - Saturday Morning & Afternoon - Jonathan Deason
Video - Sunday Skate - Jonathan Deason

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