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Empire Skate Club of New York
Post Office Box 20070
London Terrace Station
New York, NY 10011

Social Media

Although you can keep up with club activities via one of our mailing lists, you may find that joining our Facebook group or other social media group is more convenient.

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Mailing Lists

The Empire Skate Club maintains several electronic mailing lists, including the following:

Empire Mailing List
The Empire list is for members only and is used primarily to announce upcoming events and activities of interest to our members.

Empire-Chat Mailing List
The Empire-Chat list is an unmoderated forum in which anyone is invited to discuss the NYC skating scene.

EmpireSpeed Mailing List
The EmpireSpeed list is similar to the Empire mailing list, but for Empire Speed members only.

To join any of our mailing lists, please click on the appropriate link above, then again on the "Join Group" link on the mailing list webpage.

Mailing list traffic is fairly light — on the order of one or two messages per week, at most — so you will not be overwhelmed with e-mail if you subscribe.

Questions And Problems
If you have questions about or problems with a mailing list, please email the mailing list administrator. For other questions about the Empire Skate Club, e-mail us at