Rockaways Skate: Saturday, October 4, 2008

This skate will be a substitute of Paul's skate this year, however, if successful, we can repeat it again...and again...

Main date: Saturday, October 4
Rain date: Sunday, October 5

Meet at Sheepshead Bay subway station on the Shore Parkway road side at 10:30 AM and leave promptly at 11:00 AM.

Please take first car of "Q" train or walk to the Voorhees Ave exit of the platform.
The ride takes about almost an hour from midtown Manhattan.

Here are the "highlights" of the route:
(1) First regroup at the end of Emmons Ave
(2) Rest stop at Plumb beach (we might have to skip it, as at this time of year there might be no port-o-toilet, but there is a water fountain) - good sight seen point for the Sheepshead Bay inlet, Kings borough campus and Rockaways
(3) Crossing of Flatbush Ave at traffic light - regroup
(4) Mill Basin Draw bridge - quite a tricky crossing, especially for new comers
(5) Continue along Belt parkway - in this area sea Gulls are cracking shells on the pavement of bike path...could be slippery
(6) Canarsie Pier - water and bathroom stop
(7-8) Continuing along Belt Parkway
(9 - 10) Getting off Belt Park way and on to Cross Bay Blvd (no bike lane!); there are chances for deli stops, if required
(11) Channel Bridge - regroup before and after bridge
(12) Cross Bay Blvd - probably the best part of route!
(13) Water - bathroom stop - regroup at the park office
(14) Back on Cross Bay Blvd
(15) Cross Bay Bridge - regroup before and after the bridge
(16 - 18) Beach Channel Drive (no bike lane), tentative deli stops, if required; regroup at pedestrian cross-over bridge
(19) We have to use Cross-over bridge, to get to the bike line on Marine Pkwy bridge
(20) Cross over Flatbush Ave at 1st traffic light, to get on the bike path - regroup
(21) Bike Path to the Traffic light at Exit 11 - regroup and cross over Flatbush Ave; If required we can make bathroom/water stop at "Aviators" and have a look at Concord that is still "parked" in front of sport terminal
(22 - 23) along Belt Parkway toward Emmons Ave - regroup at hotel
(24) We can stop at Randazzo (the only original place on entire Sheepshead Bay) for beer, raw fish and what’s not or any other place for food!
There are Turkish and Russian style places but they are pricey... There is an El greco diner that has a good cuisine and can accommodate large amount of people at any time. The leader(Mike G.) will try to find out if they will allow people on skates...

We should be back on Sheepshead Bay in +/-4 hours.

The skate will be led by Mike G.

Helmet and Wrist Guards are required.

 Main date Saturday October 4, from Sheepshead Bay Subway Station, 10:30AM 
 Rain date Sunday October 5, same Bat Place, same Bat Time.

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