Rockaways Skate: Saturday, October 3, 2009

All around Rockaways skate will be ON this year again.
This is a skate around the Jamaica Bay and back to Sheepshead Bay. Lots of water views and sea breeze!

Main date: Saturday, October 3
Rain date: Sunday, October 4

Meet at Sheepshead Bay subway station on the Shore Parkway road side at 10:30 AM and leave promptly at 11:00 AM.

Please take first car of "Q" train or walk to the Voorhees Ave exit of the platform.
The ride takes about almost an hour from midtown Manhattan.

The skate will start from Sheepshead bay and all round the rockaywas including the beach line (new route).

There are a lot of nice restaurant in Sheepshead Bay where we can dine after the skate.
The leader(Mike G.) will try to find out if they will allow people on skates...

We should be back on Sheepshead Bay in +/-4 hours.

The skate will be led by Mike G.

Helmet and Wrist Guards are required.

 Main date Saturday October 3, from Sheepshead Bay Subway Station, 10:30AM 
 Rain date Sunday October 4, same Bat Place, same Bat Time.

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