Please contact us if your company or organization is interested in sponsoring the Empire Skate Club. E-mail sponsors@empireskate.org, or write:

Sponsorship Coordinator
Empire Skate Club of New York
Post Office Box 20070
London Terrace Station
New York, N.Y. 10011


Empire members receive a discount on all non-sale merchandise when they present their membership card to following establishments listed below. (Please note that, in some instances, the discount is for a service rather than for merchandise.)

Blades Blades 10% discount
Inline Warehouse Inline Warehouse inline skates and relevant gear
10% discount : Coupon code "EMPIRE"
Zephyr Inline Skate Tours
Zephyr Inline Skate Tours

10% discount
TOUCHFITNESS, Informative Bodywork Touchfitness Licensed Massage Therapy.
Ask for your Empire Members Discount: $5 off 30m Service (Regular Price $75), $10 off 50m Service (Regular Price $125) or $15 off 90m services (Regular Price $190).
Special Member to Member discounted Massage Therapy will be made available at $1/Minute at the Big Apple Roll. Tipping is not required but always welcome. For more info contact sherrin@touchfitness.com.

Sponsoring Companies for the Empire Skate Club

The Empire Skate Club is proud to be sponsored by the following companies:

Rollerblade Rollerblade inline skates
Cauldwell Wingate Company Cauldwell Wingate Company construction management
Donnelly Mechanical Corp. Donnelly Mechanical Corp. HVAC service and maintenance
Titan Ronsco carpentry contracting
Titan Murray Hill Paintings paintings

Sponsoring Companies for Empire Speed

The Empire Speed Team is proud to be sponsored by the following companies:

K2 Skates K2 Skates inline skates, frames
Canariam Canariam Boots speed boots
Bones Bones Bearings Bones - Skate Bearing
Rudy Project Rudy Project technically cool eyewear